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a view to a will

a glimpse into the deep dark depths of my mind

27 May
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Hi! I'm Liz! It's december 28th at 9:40 PM and i still havent started my essays for my college apps so i really don't have time to write much, but anyway...


I was born in Manhatten, NY, but lived around here almost all my life since i was like 8 months old, in good ol' Woodstock. It's actually a really cool place in a lot of ways; a lot of ppl complain that it's remote and in the middle of nowhere but i don't mind so much...gives me time to sit around and be lazy or go for jogs in the pouring rain in the peaceful serenity of the middle of nowhere beautiful mountains. and plus, woodstock really is a cool place, we have all this music stuff based on woodstock being hippie town and woodstock concerts and i meet cool people sometimes. mostly its just played up for the tourism stuff tho :(. but we are the one liberal town in a whole surroundedness of conservatives! woodstockers are cool! sorta weird tho...they're liberal which is cool but then they think we should boycott cvs and other crazy stuff i still cant figure out and picket on the green for peace but is there any need to picket in front of fellow woodstockers? a little over-active, but it's an inspiration, ppl inspired to be active in our world politically and otherwise i guess. some ppl are artsy and cool, other ppl are just dumb...like at my brother's school he was at till last yr, Woodstock Day School, the parents complain that the kids get homework, say science isnt enough hands-on even tho all the kids do is field work (no fair!) and act like they shouldnt be taught math b/c all they should do is theater and dance....but I like math!!! and then they're all liberal and artsy, but then they fire all these awesome teachers, for stupid stuff like giving the kids homework, getting caught smoking pot with kids (wait, that was y he got fired at OCS, at WDS it was b/c of...giving a girl a back massage? :P) anyway, thats my little neck of the woods for ya.

most of the time, tho, i spend between my house, which is really in the woods sorta (i mean, its on a main road, but its removed from the town), and school. most of my time is spent...procrastinating. durn, i'm finally admitting that...that's sad. theres gotta be beter things to do with one's life than procrastinate. but anyway, indeed that's mine. i spend most of my time trying fruitlessly to work on some assignment or another, or, this year, do my college applications. it has been since september, every day i say, TODAY!!!, i will finally write my essays, and now, with 4 days till due, here i am still not doing them.

so, indeed, that is my life! i grew up here, still am here, am having a not bad time here, and will soon be going to college faaar faaaar away, preferably. :)